Arenal Observatory Lodge, a great location in Arenal Volcano

When planning a visit to Arenal Volcano National Park you will probably would like to stay very close to this natural attraction and one of the best places to admire this shaped-cone volcano is Arenal Observatory Lodge. This lodge was the main host of the Smithsonian Institute for volcano research and many other studies. 


Nowdays, It became to be a very nice mountain lodge with impressive views of the volcano and Lake Arenal. It also offers 48 rooms in which you will have all you need for a comfortable stay. Although is not a luxury resort, it is a quite gorgeous and enchanting spot surrounded by natural environment. It has more than 7 miles of well-market walking trials, and the morning hiking tour by Christian is a must-do here.

The swimming pool and Jacuzzi is about 5 minutes walk from main building, immersed in the middle of the forest so, not only for swimming and relax but also for being in touch with birds.


The Arenal Observatory Lodge sits in a private nature reserve in the heart of one of Costa Rica’s numerous natural areas. Rich volcanic soil supports primary and secondary rainforest. Waterfalls and crystalline rivers offer sparkling jungle refreshment for the soul. 7 miles of a well-marked, manicured trail system provides easy access to the property’s breathtaking natural beauty where a wide variety of plants, animals and 426 spices of birds can be observed.

How to get here?

Arenal Volcano is only 3 hours away from San Jose and Liberia airports. You can choose the following transportation options:

  • Private Transportation. The price is $170.00 per trip (up to 6 people) and it includes:
    • Bilingual Driver
    • Airport Waiting
    • Stops on the road (if you want to stop for lunch, or landscape photos)
    • Taxes
    • Door to Door Service
    • Depature at anytime you need. According to your flight schedule


  • Shared Shuttles. The price is $50.00 per person and includes
    • Depature time from San Jose Airport: 8:30am and 2:40pm (Pickup point at Denny´s Restaurante San Jose airport)
    • Departure time from Liberia Airport: 3:00pm (Pickup poing at Hlton Garden Hotel Liberia Airport)
    • Taxes
    • Door to Door Service

Arenal Volcano is a must-do in your travel itinerary. Is a perfect family destination for those looking for educate kids in a real national park.